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The Company

Crystal is the app that can tell you anyone’s personality. Thousands of people use Crystal to better understand their prospects, co-workers, customers and themselves with personality assessments and predictions. We’ve raised $5M in VC funding and have a lean team of 10 based in Nashville.

The Ideal Candidate

As Crystal is growing rapidly each month, we’re excited to open a new spot on our team for a driven, talented, business-oriented entrepreneur. This is a unique role that is ideal for if you ultimately want to start your own company but first wants to learn as an early employee of a startup. Here is who we are looking for:

  • You are highly entrepreneurial. You want to be at a startup, and may eventually be a founder.
  • You are fast-paced. You want to dive right in and immediately make an impact.
  • You learn quickly. You can teach yourself new skills and learn new tools fast.
  • You can sell. You’ve had previous successful experience in a sales-oriented role.
  • You are organized. You take notes and keep all of your work organized.
  • You have work ethic. You’re willing to work harder than anyone else to succeed.

The Role

Your role will start on the ground floor, heads down collaborating closely with our leadership team to build our early sales/marketing process and grow our paid customer base. Specifically:

Sales (70% of the role)

We have many free users and offer a premium subscription for $29/month. Your goal is to help convert as many free users to the premium subscription as possible.

  • Prospect through our massive database of free signups to identify qualified leads
  • Create automated email campaigns to surface warm leads and start conversations
  • Connect with leads over the phone and email to introduce Crystal and close deals
  • Maintain organized notes in our CRM

Marketing (30% of the role)

We use a powerful marketing automation system, Hubspot, to send targeted email campaigns and help create warm leads. Your goal is to help our team build marketing campaigns in Hubspot.

  • Create email marketing campaigns in Hubspot
  • Write compelling email content that will appeal to prospects
  • Analyze data to measure performance and suggest ways to improve
  • Help our team with any other sales/marketing/business related project

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